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How much does Personal Bankruptcy cost in Canada?

Canadian Bankruptcy Trustee, Colleen Craig of C.E. Craig & Associates Inc discusses how much it costs to declare bankruptcy in Canada. Which assets can you keep and how much can you earn? Victoria British Columbia, Personal Bankruptcy Solutions, Personal Debt Solutions Canada

~ Contributed by Colleen Craig

Canadian Consumer Proposal vs. Personal Bankruptcy

Discussion of the differences between a consumer proposal as compared to a personal bankruptcy in Canada. This video outlines the entire process of filing a consumer proposal from the first stage of meeting with a Trustee, to outlining the cost differences between a bankruptcy and a consumer proposal, to having the creditors voting on the acceptance of the proposal.

~ Contributed by Colleen Craig

How long does personal bankruptcy last in Canada?

C.E. Craig & Associates and Colleen Craig, CA, CIRP, a trustee in bankruptcy in Victoria British Columbia outlines the time it takes to navigate the Canadian personal bankruptcy system. The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act allows debtors in Canada with overwhelming levels of debt to go through a process and then have their debts erased.

~ Contributed by Colleen Craig

Protect Your Personal Information

Leanne Salyzyn shares information you need to know about email phishing scams.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Considering Personal Bankruptcy

Leanne Salyzyn answers the question, when should you declare bankruptcy and what will it mean to you? Leanne Salyzyn shares the answers on Dollars and Sense.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Dealing With Debt

It's financial literacy month and our financial guru Leanne Salyzyn shares tips on dealing with debt.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Planning for Tax Savings

Financial expert Leanne Salyzyn has tips on taking advantage of December 31 deadlines to save you tax dollars.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Planning Boxing Day Spending

Financial expert Leanne Salyzyn has tips on planning Boxing Day spending.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Keeping Financial New Year's Resolutions

Leanne Salyzyn helps us get our financial resolutions on track for 2014.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Digging out of Debt

Struggling with debt? Our financial guide Leanne Salyzyn has tips on working with debt professionals.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn

Keeping Costs Down During Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do, but itís also expensive. Leanne Salyzyn gives us advice on keeping your costs down through divorce or separation.

~ Contributed by Leanne Salyzyn