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"I feel like I was treated fairly. "
~Brad - Mill Bay

"Speaking with a trustee was the best decision I could have made, they laid out all the options for me in a way that made sense."
~Gayle - Victoria

"Thank you so much for all you help, I wouldn't have made it without your help "
~Regan - Victoria

Avoiding Bankruptcy – Personal Financial Tips

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These tips and advice as to how to avoid falling into the pitfall of debt. Our personal financial advice experts offer up some sound advice for individuals to small business owners alike. Some debt is good and necessary, and some can be excess. Use these tips to help you determine the best financial path.

How much of my income should be paid out to creditors? Which creditor should I pay first? What is the best way to organize my payments to reduce my debt load, or even pay off everything? Answer

I don’t think my debts are a problem, but want reassurance. How can I check up on myself? Answer

I have many debts and based on my income I am not sure how I will manage to make the payments. What should I do?Answer

2013-11-26 22:54:40

Consumer Proposals Continue to Rise in Popularity

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Consumer Proposal Victoria - Is this an Option for You

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Credit Counsellor vs. Trustee in Bankruptcy

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What happens if I can't make my Proposal payments?

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How likely is it that my consumer proposal will be accepted?

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Consumer Proposal Rejections and RBC

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Bankruptcy Trustees: Your Questions Answered

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What Happens if You Default on Your Consumer Proposal?

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Consumer Proposal v. Bankruptcy

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What is a Consumer Proposal?

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