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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have categorized our most frequently asked questions to assist you in finding answers to your questions about personal and corporate bankruptcy in Canada along with answers about consumer proposal and Division 1 Proposal to creditors under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

The questions range from personal financial planning to how to avoid becoming insolvent in the first place, to tips to negotiating directly with your creditors to understanding what credit counselling can and cannot do for you. We also have a comprehensive discussion of the Canadian personal and corporate bankruptcy rules and regulations.

Please select the category you wish to learn more about from the choices below:

2013-11-26 22:54:40

Consumer Proposals Continue to Rise in Popularity

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2014-02-14 00:01:50

Consumer Proposal Victoria - Is this an Option for You

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2014-05-28 16:46:32

Credit Counsellor vs. Trustee in Bankruptcy

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2014-06-11 16:12:40

What happens if I can't make my Proposal payments?

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2014-06-17 20:03:06

How likely is it that my consumer proposal will be accepted?

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2014-07-21 21:27:27

Consumer Proposal Rejections and RBC

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2014-08-11 16:24:32

Bankruptcy Trustees: Your Questions Answered

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2014-08-18 16:48:08

What Happens if You Default on Your Consumer Proposal?

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2014-08-25 16:14:53

Consumer Proposal v. Bankruptcy

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2015-09-23 19:25:25

What is a Consumer Proposal?

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